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Workers Compensation

McCue Captains Agency wants your employees protected from workplace injury and you protected from Workers Compensation law.

If you have employees (even for an hour), you are required by law to maintain Workers Compensation insurance.

If you are a corporation and don’t have any “employees” you are also required by law to maintain Workers Compensation insurance.

If you’re any type of entity besides a corporation, you may elect or reject coverage for yourself/owners.


Q:  If I’m an LLC and have no employees, should I cover myself?

A:  Yes, but it is not required by law.

Q:  If I’m an LLC and have no employees, but I hire sub-contractors, should I have WC coverage?

A:  Yes, you can be sued for WC coverage from an employee of one of your sub-contractors, in unfortunate circumstances.

Q:  I’m considering taking a job in NYC, is the environment different in that state/city?

A:  Yes, very different.  Most carriers exclude NY/NYC.  Before you consider working there, be aware of the additional policies and costs you will incur to comply with their difficult laws.

Q:  It says my policy is auditable, what does that mean?

A:  Your premium is only an estimate based on your anticipated payroll and operations.  At the end of your term, the carrier asks for evidence of your payroll, duties and evidence that your sub-contractors all maintained coverage while working for you.  The audit then determines the actual premium, which can’t be known until after the policy term.

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